Cuban Wedding Traditions

In many nationalities around the world, marital relationship is considered a sacrament and it is viewed as an important event that binds families collectively. For this reason, societies develop a range of traditions to help make the ceremony possibly more special.

A Cuban Wedding Reception: Fun and Entertainment

The reception is the most important element of any Cuban wedding, and is also a moment to celebrate the couple. The party is often held in a inn or additional building single cuban women with plenty of space to dance and get fun. The background music at a Cuban marriage reception is definitely lively and upbeat, perfect for dancing.

Food is a crucial element for Cuban wedding events and is often a big attraction. The bride and groom may also provide party party favors to say thanks to their friends intended for coming to all their special day. These can be hand crafted presents like The spanish language hand followers or pottery made by neighborhood artists.

A Funds Dance

Every single man and woman in a Cuban wedding can pin some funds to the bride’s or groom’s attire as being a gift to help these groups start their very own new life with each other. This traditions is called el baile delete billete and has been around for years and years.

Having a wedding: The Groom and bride

The wedding couple must after that decide in which they will live after the wedding. Usually, the bride and groom transfer to the groom’s family house. However , this kind of choice will depend on several factors like the size of the home and the availablility of siblings.

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