Difference Between JavaScript And jQuery

The idea behind jQuery is not to replace JavaScript but to make the developers use JavaScript more on the web projects by writing fewer codes. Every business organization maintains a website to reach their customers. There are various technologies used for web application development. JavaScript is an interpreted, high-level programming language. It is one of the core technologies for web development with HTML and CSS. It is fast and extensible and provides more features than JavaScript.

  • In reality, it makes extensive use of JavaScript features to make things easier while handling DOM.
  • If you like your web pages busy, with lots of animation and the ability to perform mouse overs and mouse clicks, you want JavaScript.
  • It is easy to manipulate page content using jQuery and also provides sophisticated effects required by a modern website.
  • JQuery makes it easy to add interactivity, animations, and API requests thanks to the library’s predefined methods.
  • Also, JavaScript was designed with Java’s syntax and standard library in mind.

JavaScript offers innumerable interfaces to developers for creating catchy web pages. Drag and drop components or sliders may provide a rich interface to the web pages. As we can see, both the code snippets are performing similar work of changing the background color.

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Angular is a JavaScript framework that is used to create scalable, enterprise, and performance client-side web applications. With Angular framework adoption being high, performance management of the application is community-driven indirectly driving better job opportunities. JQuery has many inbuilt methods to add animations or effects on HTML elements. Over the years JavaScript has turned out to be a powerful language for web development.

javascript and jquery difference

The JQuery ‘on’ method is used to add one or more events to a DOM element. Here getElementById () method is used to select an element by its id, then we use the addEventListener () method to add an Event listener to the event. In this example, we add the myCallback function as a listener to the ‘click’ event. We just have to include or import the plugin in our webpage to use it. Thus plugins allows us to create abstractions of animations and interactions or effects.

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Even though the name implies that the two concepts are linked, they are not. While JavaScript is a high-level interpreted programming language, jQuery is a cross-platform scripting library that leverages JavaScript syntaxes to increase web browser interactivity. In 1995, Brendan Eich invented JavaScript, a dynamically typed scripting language. Its major goal was to improve the user experience by making webpages more dynamic and interactive for the Netscape Navigator web browser. From being primarily used for scripting to being the most versatile and well-liked programming language ever.

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JAM The Label: inclusion and accessibility in retail.

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If you’ve seen our earlier video on what JavaScript is, you know it’s there to add interactive elements to the site. It can be complex interactive elements, like a clickable “button” or simpler things like changing the text color when you click on it. Those are all doable because of languages https://globalcloudteam.com/ like jQuery and JavaScript. Because it handles browser errors and passes library functions faster. For early product versions, you can start with JQuery as debugging time will also be reduced. Let’s following table will show you the differences between javascript and jquery.

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But jQuery takes less code and is also easier to use. When you need to change the background color of an element using jQuery, you can change the background color by first selecting the element using jQuery selector $() and chain it with the CSS() method. In JavaScript, we are using an XMLHTTPRequest object, in jQuery we don’t have to use such an object. The URL is the location which is called for the data, the data is the key/value pair/s we want to send with the call and the callback is the method we want to execute after the load is completed. The URL is the location that is called for the data and the callback is the method we want to execute after the load is completed. JQuery has predefined events for almost all DOM actions.

javascript and jquery difference

It is easier in jQuery to add interactivity, animations and also make ajax calls as the functions are already pre-defined in the library. This also makes us to easily reuse jQuery functions at different places in the code.Moving on with the difference between JavaScript and jQuery with Example. JQuery is a set of JavaScript libraries that have been designed to simplify the codes for various interactive works for Ajax.


JavaScript has been used for server-side programming, to create desktop applications and for game development. Earlier when JavaScript was launched every web developer was not ready to use it just because many web browsers do not support JavaScript. With JQuery cross-browser compatibility, it is easy to write codes, and developers are also free for doing adjustments that one has to do with JavaScript for different browsers. @Tibos Javascript gives you the opportunity to select DOM elements and adding to them certain behaviours, when you want to. Say for instance tha you have a element of type button and you want a box to be alerted when someone click on this element. In order to do so you should select the element, add a callback function for its click event and so on.

javascript and jquery difference

With JQuery, one has to write fewer lines of code than JavaScript. We just need to import the library and use the only specific functions or methods of the library in our code. JavaScript uses long lines of code, all written by a programmer.

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New libraries such as Bling.js even allow you to use jQuery syntax without loading the whole jQuery library, demonstrating the fondness many developers have for writing jQuery. In the past, DOM Manipulation methods with JavaScript weren’t so easy or consistent across browsers. Besides, using vanilla JavaScript is considered to be more performant – which means it does it faster and/or uses fewer memory resources. Nowadays though, those browser differences are small. And if you do find discrepancies, for instance when using some features of the latest update to the JavaScript language ES6, it is recommended to use a polyfill instead.

Moreover, it has nothing to do with the Java programming language. Furthermore, as the name suggests, JavaScript is a scripting language. Other than the unfortunate similarity in name, it has nothing to do with Java programming language. As the name suggests, JavaScript is a scripting language.

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JQuery is an open-source JavaScript library that simplifies the interactions between an HTML/CSS document, It is widely famous for its philosophy of “Write less, do more”. Please refer to the https://globalcloudteam.com/tech/jquery/ jQuery Tutorial and jQuery Examples articles for further details. It is free , supported well across different applications and also provides very efficient and fast solution to the problems.

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